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The Genesis Technology Center (GTC) recently opened its doors, launching its operation with a week-long open house.  The center is operated by Glenn and Jill Noble, both teachers at Prishtina High School.
The Nobles established GTC in hopes of providing opportunities for engineering students in Kosovo to get hands-on experience with electronics design and manufacturing.  Students who use GTC will have access to high-end electronics equipment and will have Glenn Noble at their disposal for instruction and advice.  It is hoped that students who work with GTC will feed into technology jobs in the region and will endeavor to create technology companies and brands of their own.
The Nobles lived in Suhareka, Kosovo from 2003-2005 and returned to Kosovo in June 2010 to open the Genesis Technology Center in Prishtina.
Glenn Noble received his Bachelor’s in Physics from Northwest Nazarene University.
Jill Nobel received her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from Northwest Nazarene University.