Scholarships & Discounts

Scholarship Programs 2019/2020

Prishtina High School (PHS) helps students on the basis of merit and need.  In 2007, PHS was founded to give students an opportunity to achieve a higher quality of education, and we strive to achieve that by helping our students with scholarships and financial aid. Prishtina High School is a Non-Governmental Organization, what you pay in tuition you are investing in your child’s education. PHS offers an attractive scholarship program for both new and continuing students.

GPA Scholarship (based solely on GPA)

PHS helps current students as well. Students enrolled at PHS may earn academic scholarships (offered as tuition discount) if they complete the academic year with a grade point average (GPA) of 3.8 or higher without any disciplinary problems.

– 100 € discount for the next semester if the student earned a GPA of 3.8

– 150 € discount for the next semester if the student earned a GPA of 3.9

– 200 € discount for the next semester if the student earned a GPA of 4.0

A student who receives financial aid shall not be eligible to receive a GPA discount.

Students must apply each year for the GPA Scholarship award. If no application is received by July 30th of the year then the student will not receive this scholarship.

Best in Class Scholarship

The top three highest achieving students in each class based on academics and citizenship will be eligible for the student tuition discount scholarship. Top three students from each grade (6 through 11) will be selected for this scholarship. The value of this scholarship will be:

– 600 Euro for the First in class achievement (GPA).

– 300 Euro for the Second in class achievement (GPA).

– 300 Euro for the Third in class achievement (GPA).


Students applying must satisfy the following criteria:

– GPA of 3.8 or higher

– Nominated by Student Government and PHS Staff

– Received no grades of “NRY” (Not Ready Yet grade) or “I” (Incomplete grade) in any course for the previous year.

– Demonstrated leadership potential through participation in student government or volunteer work with PHS clubs

– Maintained an excellent behavior record

If any of the above-mentioned requirements are not met, the application will be rejected and this discount will not be considered for the next academic year.

Designated Tuition Donation

Since the school’s founding, friends of the PHS in United States, Kosova and elsewhere have often helped support select outstanding students. That tradition continues.

Individuals and businesses may designate, and in the past have designated, a tuition payment for a particular student.

The student receiving the donation is expected to write periodic updates to the donor, and the school is authorized to give the donor pertinent information about the student’s academic and behavioral status.