A Message from the Chairman

At Prishtina High School, every student has a name, a personal story – and a future. We teach young people, rather than simply teach subjects. The main reason American educators choose to live in Kosova, and teach at PHS, is they believe in the promise of young people. Helping build a school is our opportunity to help the young people of Kosova thrive and make the most of that promise. We want to give our students the best opportunity to become leaders in this remarkable young nation.

We do not simply focus on qualifying students for college – we focus intensely on how students study so that they will be successful in their college classes. Achieving success in politics, law, medicine or engineering requires intellect, knowledge, a willingness to work hard, an ability to work well with others, and a commitment to serve the good of others. Qualities we carefully develop. For these reasons, a PHS education has value.

When a PHS graduate attends university, we are sending the best of Kosova.

John Chesnut

Prishtina High School