Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Vision: Prishtina High School graduates are truth-seeking world changers and life-long learners who demonstrate integrity, compassion, and determination.

Mission:  The mission of PHS is to equip students to be responsible citizens and active learners by providing an American-style university preparatory education within a safe, caring, and diverse environment committed to truth and excellence.

Core Values:

  • World Changers: Striving to be the change that PHS, Kosova, and the world needs

  • Integrity: Doing what is right just because it is right – even when no one is watching

  • Neighborly: Being kind and supportive, working together with others to achieve excellence

  • Growing: Endeavoring always to improve as a learner and as an individual

  • Self-Determination: Working hard and doing our best every day, knowing that hard work makes anything possible