School Contractor

PHS contractor, Medita Travel, offers private and exclusive door to door transportation services for your children to and from school. Their focus is twofold: giving parents peace of mind by providing their kids with safe and reliable transportation just as if they were transporting their kids themselves and allowing parents the flexibility they need with their work schedules and other daily activities.

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Walking and Biking

Depending on how close to the school you live, and how old your child is, walking or biking to school may be viable transportation options. Of course, these may not be year-round solutions when it’s snowing or raining out, but during decent weather many kids may enjoy getting themselves to and from school.

If your child will be walking or biking to school, have a conversation with them about safety.. Come up with schedules so that you know what time your child will be home after school. If possible, have your child partner up with a friend so they can walk or bike to school together.


Public Transportation

Many of our students opt for public transport services. The Line 4 bus stop is only a few minutes away, and flat fee taxi cabs commute to and from the main city park.