Guidance Counselor

Guidance Counselor

As an administrator in the overall school program who works regularly with students, staff, and parents, the guidance counselor at PHS focuses on helping students achieve academic success and social/emotional health in our school environment.

Academic Support

Prishtina High School offers additional services to meet the needs of Elementary and Secondary students who need support, assistance, or further instruction in order to be successful in the regular academic program. Currently, we offer two educational interventions to students identified as needing support in their academic course work.
*One-on-one after school tutoring with one of our experienced classroom instructors.
*Peer Tutoring: A program where PHS high school students assist middle school and elementary school students who need extra academic support. This is a voluntary program and is offered based on the availability of volunteer peer tutors. The role of the peer tutor is to help students with reading, content comprehension and understanding concepts. High school students earn community service hours by participating in this program as a tutor.

College Guidance

The guidance counselor at PHS oversees teachers who are college advisors. These teachers support students as they apply to universities throughout the world, with a focus on universities out of the country. Our goal is to assist each PHS student in finding the best match for them as they enter higher education.


Students undertake the main work of researching, choosing, and applying to their top-choice colleges. Parents also stay involved in the process during their students’ years at PHS through an ongoing program of informative sessions with the college advisor.


Our students utilize Unifrog, a user-friendly platform which tries to serve as a one-stop-website for students where they can do a range of activities including personality tests and free online courses to identify their academic interests. They can keep track of their extracurricular activities and voluntary hours while compiling personal statements, CVs, asking for reference letters from teachers and the like. They can also apply to universities across several continents that best fit their profile given their academic interests, achievements, and extracurricular activities. The platform allows the staff of PHS to keep track of the students’ progress and serves as a communication platform where students can ask for recommendation letters and suggestions from teachers. We believe this platform will help keep students on track regarding their academic path.

University Fairs 2021-2021

Throughout the year we host admissions representatives from universities who travel to meet prospective students. These information sessions give PHS students the opportunity to learn more about that particular university, the opportunities available in university, and potentially interview with the representative.

We organize university fairs where each participating university brings information about courses of study, tuition costs, scholarships and general information about their university and city. Our 11th and 12th grade students are given the opportunity to meet with and ask questions of each participating university.