Financial Aid

PHS supports students who show satisfactory academic results but come from very constrained financial backgrounds.

Financial aid (offered as tuition discount) is awarded each year on an individualized basis. We do our best to make sure that if you are a bright student with great potential, tuition costs will not be an obstacle to your success at PHS.

Financial aid is contingent on funding and may be awarded up to 50% of the total tuition cost.

Academic criteria for financial aid

To obtain, and not forfeit, financial aid, the student must meet the following criteria:

– GPA of 3.0 or higher

– Received no grades of “NRY” (Not Ready Yet grade) or “I” (Incomplete grade) in any course during the previous year

– Maintain an excellent behavior record

– Demonstrated leadership potential through participation in student government or volunteer work with PHS clubs

Evidence of financial need

The student’s family must also demonstrate financial need by submitting the following proof of financial resources:

– Family tax declaration and pension fund declaration

– Bank and loan statements from Kosova Central Bank

– Other income declaration such as rent but not limited to rental income

– Real estate and other valuable assets declaration

– A 750-word written declaration justifying application for financial support

– Three supporting reference letters

Application Procedure

Parents must complete and submit a financial aid form, which includes the proof of financial sources described above. The request is then examined by the management team which approves or disapproves the application.

Applications are received and reviewed on a rolling basis.  Awards are granted using a first-come, first-served model until the depletion of scholarship fund. Early application is highly recommended.

If any of the above mentioned requirements are not met, the financial aid application will be rejected and this discount will not be considered for the next academic year.