Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

The tuition assistance program (TAP) at Prishtina High School (PHS) is provided to assist those families who have demonstrated a genuine financial need as they commit to private education for their child(ren).  It must be understood that the school’s resources for such financial aid are limited and variable for each fiscal year.  It is also important to realize that the primary responsibility for tuition payment lies with the family.

PHS has developed tuition assistance policy and strategies to help as many families as its budget will allow.  There are several practical and reasonable perspectives that PHS embraces in regards to the TAP:

  1. All families must contribute at some level to their children’s tuition expenses.
  2. PHS believes that deliberately misleading or misrepresenting facts regarding income/assets in order to receive financial assistance is a serious breach of trust and equivalent to theft of the assistance dollar amount. It deprives others who have legitimate need and compromises the moral integrity of the offender.  All applicants are requested to be honest and deliberate if they apply for tuition assistance.
  3. PHS will not compromise fair compensation/benefits for its staff in order to maintain a given level of financial assistance.
  4. All tuition assistance applications, reviews, and awards are kept in strict confidentiality by PHS. Parents are required to maintain the same practice of confidentiality or forfeit tuition benefit.
  5. Tuition assistance is awarded on a year to year basis with no guarantee or presumption of continued assistance.
  6. Tuition assistance awards cannot be transferred to other families or students.
  7. Any students receiving family tuition assistance must be in the same immediate family or be legally adopted. There are situations regarding custodial parents and temporary custody of children that may require administrative discretion.
  8. All determinations of assistance are in the sole discretion of the TAP committee of PHS.

Note:  All families needing tuition assistance must submit a current TAP application each year at the time of enrollment or admission. 

Since PHS desires to enroll current families who believe and support our vision and mission, all reasonable efforts will be made by the administration to accommodate eligible students when funding and space are available.  Tuition assistance is awarded on a first-come first-serve application basis. It is important to re-enroll and submit tuition assistance applications early each year.